GF Chilaquiles

Chilaquiles have a uniquely Mexican flavor. Thank you to Austin for giving us your recipe. We tried them served two ways tonight- with beans on to or beans on the side. We found the beans on top to mellow the strong tomato flavor and I would recommend that’s how you serve them.

GF Chlaquiles

30 GF corn tortillas (I used Mission)
Canola Oil
1 large can GF Red Enchilada Sauce (I have found that all the Green Enchilada sauces have gluten, but the reds don’t – please read the labels carefully)
1 refried beans
1/4 can El Pato Salsa de Chile Fresco
1/2 tsp oregano
1/4 tsp cumin
6 eggs
cheddar cheese, shredded

1. Fry tortillas in oil until crispy. Meanwhile, heat refried beans. In a separate pot, heat enchilada sauce, El Pato, oregano, and cumin together.

2. When all the tortillas have been fried, tear them into bite sized pieces and add them to the red sauce. Allow the sauce and tortillas to heat through.

3. Fry the eggs over easy. You want the yolk to be very runny – so that it spreads across dish as you eat. I like to use my electric skillet to cook them because you can do all the eggs at once and they don’t stick.

4. To serve, layer red sauced tortillas on the bottom, refried beans, cheese, and an egg or two on top.



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