GF Casa Bonita

Casa Bonita is not know for great food- but rather a very unique dining experience that every kid should participate in a few times! I mean, who can forget eating while watching cliff divers perform indoors!

Well, there is good news for those of you needing gluten free! Their fajitas are GF. You do need to specific GF when you order and a server will bring out your plate separately- with corn tortillas instead of flour. We have discovered that their fajitas are the most delicious thing on the menu! You may want to order them even if you don’t need gluten free.

The only disappointing part of our experience is that they don’t have a GF dessert option. We decided to make up for it by going to Dairy Queen for M&M Blizzards afterwards.


GF Qdoba

We ate dinner tonight at Qdoba for the first time since going gluten free. They actually have a fairly extensive gluten free menu! Basically, but please verify on their website before you order Qdoba Allergens, everything is GF except their tortillas and chips. Even their queso is! We ordered a burrito bowl of our daughter as the kid menu options aren’t as accommodating – but she ate nearly the whole thing. We will be adding Qdoba back into our frequented restaurants.

Hacienda Colorado

Hacienda Colorado

We ate out again tonight but at Hacienda Colorado. They do offer a “Gluten Sensitive” menu – though only adult menu items are listed. They offer a decent selection of items and the chips and salsa are considered GF. We were able to order a cheese enchilada with a side of beans off the adult GF menu for our daughter at kids menu pricing. My husband ordered the Poblano de Pollo – which is one of their best entrees GF or not! They do seem to go to great lengths to ensure the GF meals are not cross contaminated – the manager brings them out separate from the other meals.


Chipotle is the BEST restaurant to eat out at when you need gluten free! This seems to be an under publicized feature of Chipotle’s menu! Only the flour tortillas and the mild, tomato salsa contain gluten. My hubby’s favorite is a steak burrito bowl. We usually order our daughter a kid’s meal CORN quesadilla. When you tell them you need gluten free they will change their gloves to prevent cross contamination.