Why A Year of Gluten Free

My family was forced into the gluten free lifestyle a year ago when my husband and daughter were diagnosed with Celiac disease. I love to cook and to try cooking new recipes! After struggling to adjust my cooking to gluten free, I finally feel like I have hit my stride and feel comfortable in the realm of GF cooking. I would like to share a year of gluten free dinners – to give hope to those just diagnosed or to inspire anyone looking for new ideas.

In my recipes I will occasionally mention certain name brands. I do this because I have found that particular brand of that item to be gluten free. I feel like I need some sort of disclaimer here because ingredients change all the time. I encourage anyone following a gluten free diet to do their research and continually read labels. Please leave comments or email me with any questions or if you feel I have placed a gluten containing ingredient in one of my recipes.

When we turn gluten free in November of 2010 I vowed to no longer cook with gluten in my kitchen. At the time of this declaration I thought it would limit us to just a few dishes or that I would need to spend hours everyday cooking everything from scratch. I was overwhelmed by all of the risks of potential cross contamination and all of the “hidden gluten”. After a lot of research and experimenting, I feel that we are able to eat the same types of food we always have and I don’t spend hours in the kitchen everyday (though some days I do).


3 responses to “Why A Year of Gluten Free

  1. I look forward to learn from you as I am just just a week in as GF. I’m having a hard time wondering what brand names taste good and which ones don’t. Thank you for taking the time to do this blog.

    • Your welcome. I was so overwhelmed in the beginning. It took a while, but it does get to where you don’t have to think so hard about every food item. Please email me or comment on any questions you have and I will see if I can help research or give extra product recommendations.



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